Bruce Lee: Our Top 3 Movie Picks From The Martial Arts Legend

Bruce Lee: Our Top 3 Movie Picks From The Martial Arts Legend

Bruce Lee, the legendary martial artist and actor, has left an indelible mark on the world of cinema. Known for his incredible skills and charismatic presence, Bruce Lee's movies continue to captivate audiences even decades after his untimely death. We decided to pick our top 3 Bruce Lee movies that showcase his unparalleled talent and influence in the martial arts genre.

1. Enter the Dragon (1973)

Considered one of the greatest martial arts films of all time, "Enter the Dragon" is a masterpiece that solidified Bruce Lee's status as a global icon. This action-packed movie follows Lee's character as he infiltrates a criminal organization on a remote island. With breathtaking fight scenes, intricate choreography, and Lee's magnetic screen presence, "Enter the Dragon" is a must-watch for any martial arts enthusiast. Bruce Lee has been apart of many epic fight scenes throughout his career, with the mirror sequence from "Enter The Dragon" being arguably the most iconic. In a final showdown against the films antagonist, watching Lee navigate the mirrored maze to defeat his foe provides a trippy visual for the viewer that has become legendary amongst martial arts film fans and in the world of cinema in general.


2. Way of the Dragon (1972)

Released as "Return of the Dragon" in some regions, "Way of the Dragon" is another Bruce Lee classic that highlights his exceptional martial arts skills. The film revolves around a small restaurant in Rome that becomes the target of the local mafia. Lee's character steps in to defend his family and friends, leading to an epic showdown with the mafia boss. The iconic final fight scene between Lee and fellow martial arts icon Chuck Norris in the Roman Colosseum showcases Lee's unparalleled martial arts skills and his ability to captivate audiences with his on-screen presence

With its thrilling action sequences and Lee's charismatic performance, "Way of the Dragon" is a testament to his enduring legacy.

3. Game of Death (1978)

Although Bruce Lee tragically passed away before completing "Game of Death," the film remains a significant part of his legacy. The movie follows Lee's character as he fights his way through a five-story pagoda, facing a deadly martial artist from different disciplines on each floor. Former NBA star Kareem Abdul-Jabbar stars as one of Lee's opponents in what could be considered the most memorable fight scene from the movie, with lee having to overcome a significant height disadvantage against the 7 foot 2 Abdul-Jabbar. Despite being unfinished, "Game of Death" offers glimpses of Lee's brilliance and showcases his innovative approach to martial arts choreography. In this movie we are also introduced to the iconic yellow jumpsuit that has since become ingrained in pop culture, being paid homage to most notably in Quentin Tarantino's 2003 film "Kill Bill" with the main character sporting a similar outfit in her showdown with O-ren Ishii & the 'crazy 88'. The fact that filming of "Game Of Death" was never completed only adds to its legend, leaving it to our imagination of how a final version would of turned out.

 These picks for our top 3 Bruce Lee movies represent the pinnacle of his career and showcase his immense talent as a martial artist and actor. Whether you are a fan of martial arts films or simply appreciate exceptional cinema, these movies are a must-watch. Bruce Lee's influence continues to resonate, and his movies serve as a timeless reminder of his extraordinary skills and his impact on the world of cinema.

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